Our Name: OxeLiz

Ok, let’s start with Oxe.
Surprise, astonishment and shock. What other strong feelings do you have when playing video games? Can you find a word that represents them all? Yes, Oxe!
Oxe is the commonly used interjection in Brazil to express such emotions.

And Liz?
Liz is short for Elizabete, one of the company founders, as well as one of the brightest and most encouraging people on this planet.

It all started…
or it was supposed to…

Back in 1998 with the rise in the popularity of the PlayStation platform. Edilson, the other company’s founder and game creator, fan of Atari games, had always loved the Video Game Industry and knew that he was made for it. Unfortunately, due to his lack of financial resources, he wasn’t able to start his project and to follow his dream at that time.

What happened next? Liz, an encouraging angel, came into his life and in February 2019 something special happened.

Right before getting married, their great connection paid off. It was time to go for it, they just knew it, it was time to follow their dreams and to go big! They created their company, OxeLiz, and started planning their first game, nStations!

Here we are!

Inhabited Stations (nStations) is ready for lunch on November 29th, which is not just a random date. It is the couples’ engagement anniversary, Edilson’s birthday and yes, you are right, Black Friday, so get ready!

Our Vision

OxeLiz is about dreams coming true. Ideas, imagination, fantasies! We do what we love, and we do it for people as passionate as us. Our goal is to grow and to make you grow. We want to make enthusiastic people accomplish big dreams. OxeLiz makes us ecstatic and we are sure it will make you too!