Doomed Space


Doomed Space Match 3 puzzle game interface is designed keeping in view the ease of use for its players; it is simple and yet attractive. This Doomed Space mobile game is determined to provide its players with a relaxed playing environment and yet challenging with the puzzles.

The initial levels are to familiarise the players with the game, its elements and its controls. As Doomed Space levels increase, the complexity level increases and hence making it challenging and interesting.

Just swipe and match to enjoy the adventure of the Doomed Space game. There are rewards and boosters to help and one should use those smartly in the difficult levels.

Strategise your every move to destroy the maximum number of planets in one go to win the match-3 game quickly. There are also suggestions to proceed in the game like there are in the candy crush puzzles.


Daily Chest

Everyday, click the blue chest in the top center of your map and get your daily prize. If you don’t, you may lose it!

Comets bring prizes

Winning a Level collects comets and 20 comets bring you a special prize in the red chest at your map top right corner

Map Challenge Chest

That’s for those that plays for hours. When this chest appears on you map, you have just a few hours to pass all the levels in the way and get your fantastic reward

In-Game PowerUps and Planets


You’re destroying the universe!! Match 3 or more equal planets to score

Stripped Planets

Matching 4 planets the same type you create a special planet that may also be matched with others and make more damage to the Universe
TIP: Switch any power ups and you’ll get a surprise devastation

Packaged Planet

Give me an “L” of 5 planets and you’ll get a full explosive packaged to destroy it’s surroundings

Alien Bomb

Make a 2×2 planets combination and a double bomb alien device will appear on the board. Match it with planets or powers of the same color and it will explode two targets and this will surely help you to reach your goals faster

Cosmic Ray

Matching 5 planets in a row or column will create a cosmic ray that devastates all planets of one chosen color you switch it with.
Switch the Cosmic Ray of packaged, stripped or alien bombs and it will spread over the board and SCORE!!!
Exploding PowerUps will also charge the cosmic ray system and fire one on the board when it’s full


It’s time for “T”, match 7 plannets and you’ll create a Supernova. Switch it with any planet and all planets of the same color will be come a Cosmic Ray. Do you have any idea how much damage you can make with that? SCORE!!!
TIP: Level 591…
WARNING: You can switch Supernovas only with regular planets

Blocks and Stuff

Space Trash

Easy to clean! Make a combination close to them to destroy or to collect.
TIP: You can switch it with regular planets or their powerup colored versions to make matches.

Solid Barriers

Nothing can explode it or even move it!

Space Dust

Some planets and other space items can be over one or two layers space dust. Make matches over it to clean it up.

Dead places

Up to 3 layers of hard material to clean. Make matches or explosions close to them to remove them.

Dark Matter

Make matches close to it to destroy! But be careful! It will spread and freeze your game if you fail.

Anti Matter

Make matches over it to spread all over the board!


It shouldn’t, but sometimes things get stuck in the space and need a explosion or a match to set them free.


That’s something that gets stuck a lot! Explode its cages and fire them!

Magma Blocks

It came from the CREATION!!! And it’s hard get rid of it. Only PowerUps explosion will do it. At least you can switch it with planets to make a good match.


Power Ups Switching

Switch any 2 Power Ups and you’ll get a surprise devastation!
You CAN’T switch SuperNova with anything else than regular planets

How To Get It


Available for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone. And soon for all major consoles.
If you buy, it’s yours. You just have to buy a license for each device you wanna play. But it’s a cheap single time buy for the current version of the game.
– Cross playing server available for at least 5 years
– 3 major updates on 2020
– Play anytime, anywhere, make the biggest and more beautiful city you want without buying anything else than the license
– Simulated commerce to keep your colonies alive – NO REAL MONEY NEEDED, your own citizens pay for it

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Fun Facts

A Brazilian, a Russian and an Indian walk into a bar…

While this sounds just like the start of a typical bar joke, this is exactly how nStations came to life! Well… exchange “bar” for “Upwork”.

nStations was just a dream, a POC, criticism of every mistake we saw on city simulation games that exist just to eat up players’ money.
We wanted to bring an amazing game to life and we everything for this: art-concept, 3D modeling and animation, sound and post-production.
The Result of our work? We couldn’t be happier and prouder!! The final product is breathtaking, dazzling and we love it! We celebrate nStations’ birth with euphoria.

We created it for you, for you to love, for you to enjoy and to have lots of fun! So, don’t miss a thing and PREORDER NOW!!!



Team Leader


Sound Tracks
and Sound Effects


3D Modeler
and Animator


Post Production
and Programmer


Marketing Leader