The Earth is gone and for good, it's not inhabited anymore, we drained all its resources and all the money we made from them must now be spent in colonizing moons all over the universe.
Your task will be to transform as many moons and rocks as you wish and into a new home for all the dislodged people and their families.
Now, all we can do is hope that history doesn't repeat itself and while we are on that, let’s turn these colonies into something great!

Money and resources

Let’s get started

The game starts with 100k colnies (the brand new universal currency) for every new colony and they all have the same amount of natural resources. So, for the first time in human history, we all have equal opportunities.


Completing missions and collecting trophies generate NCards, necessary to pay for the buildings level ups and floor additions. If you don’t have enough NCards and LevelUp points, you can buy it in the InterColony Market, way later on the game.
NO REAL MONEY ALLOWED!!! NO MICRO TRANSACTION!! Only a fun way to simulate a real universe economy

Watch out for problems!

Well, yes! You just started, but you also need to be careful! Many things could go wrong:

– You could lose all your money trying to preserve your colony.
– Your natural resources are not infinite, so try to keep them available until you get the technology to buy them from other colonies and farms.
– People don’t have super powers and can die from starvation, diseases or natural causes, keep them healthy and happy.


Why buildings?

Our scientists have developed hybrid spaceship buildings, efficient structures, in order to save money and resources, making the moon’s colonization possible.

How? The ground first.

The first step to create a successful colony is adding ground units. Ground units are the cheapest spaceships with an inner mechanism to distribute water, power and resources through the whole colony and with the help of a tunnel system for simple maintenance.

Make this new “world” a better place… a home

You can add everything a metropolis has: from schools to research centers, from farms to malls and huge factories, from resource mines to recreation and faith centers. You can and must have it all to succeed!



Buildings have different sizes and styles. If the position of your buildings doesn’t interfere with their function as distributing resource extractors, locate them allover the colony. This will guarantee a better distribution.

Keep everyone happy by providing them equal access to different facilities. Fully stocked neighborhoods make people happy;
Why to keep people happy? Easy. Because happy citizens mean more effectiveness, and more taxes for you.

The “N” Factor

You can have as many colonies as you want, all the time… and if you hurtle one of them towards bankruptcy (shame on you), just delete it and start over… But come on!! Humanity depends on you!
You can have multiple colonies and if you have the current Season Pass, you can buy resources from other colonies you own, from your friends and also from the general community. It’s a self managed economy, like the commodities nowadays. But be careful, it takes time to become an expert managing your resources.

How To Get It


Available for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone. And soon for all major consoles.
If you buy, it’s yours. You just have to buy a license for each device you wanna play. But it’s a cheap single time buy for the current version of the game.
– Cross playing server available for at least 5 years
– 3 major updates on 2020
– Play anytime, anywhere, make the biggest and more beautiful city you want without buying anything else than the license
– Simulated commerce to keep your colonies alive – NO REAL MONEY NEEDED, your own citizens pay for it

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Fun Facts

A Brazilian, a Russian and an Indian walk into a bar…

While this sounds just like the start of a typical bar joke, this is exactly how nStations came to life! Well… exchange “bar” for “Upwork”.

nStations was just a dream, a POC, criticism of every mistake we saw on city simulation games that exist just to eat up players’ money.
We wanted to bring an amazing game to life and we everything for this: art-concept, 3D modeling and animation, sound and post-production.
The Result of our work? We couldn’t be happier and prouder!! The final product is breathtaking, dazzling and we love it! We celebrate nStations’ birth with euphoria.

We created it for you, for you to love, for you to enjoy and to have lots of fun! So, don’t miss a thing and PREORDER NOW!!!



Team Leader


Sound Tracks
and Sound Effects


3D Modeler
and Animator


Post Production
and Programmer


Marketing Leader