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about us

About Us

What’s in our name?

A lot…
It’s a unique word, formed by a combination of two different ones; Oxe and Liz.

Surprise, astonishment, shock and all the other strong feelings that you have when playing video games. Can you find a word that represents them all? Yes, Oxe! Oxe is the commonly used interjection in Brazil to express such emotions.

Liz is short for Elizabete, one of the company founders, as well as the brightest and most encouraging person you might come across.

What’s our Story?

It all began in 1998, with the rise in popularity of PlayStation platform. One of the other company’s founder, Edilson, knew he was made for it. He was aiming for it and in February of 2019, he was motivated well enough to start his own gaming company in Brazil.

Soon enough, with success in the first game, a new milestone was set and then they decided to go international. Now the company was set up in India in beginning of 2020. Day by day and month by month, they kept working hard and smart and an international team of finest artists and developers was formed. Everyone here; Oxeliz and the team, is now learning and growing each day and beating our own records each time.

Our Vision

OxeLiz is about dreams coming true. Ideas, imagination, fantasies! We do what we love, and we do it for people as passionate as us. Our goal is to grow and to make you grow. We want to make enthusiastic people accomplish big dreams. OxeLiz makes us ecstatic and we are sure it will make you too!

Meet Our Company Founders

Edilson & Elizabete

Rupesh Korgaonkar